Evolution Proves God Exists! by John Kreitzer
Evolution Proves God Exists!
Why the "Theory of Evolution" proves the existence of intelligent design.
icon-1Evolution Proves Intelligent Design!

by John Kreitzer

Genesis 1:1, "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”

Many Christians have no problem with evolution because they know that life itself had to be created through intelligent design i.e. God was involved. This is something that every evolutionary biologist agrees on except they just say it is an unsolvable mystery and most don't want to talk about it.

Evolutionist believe that life started through amino acids being created by lightening hitting a primordial sludge. Amino acids are the basic building blocks of life that form RNA and DNA chains which are the information sources for all living cells and creatures. Darwin, the founder of evolutionary theory in 1859, was not aware of the process for cell duplication though and merely said early cells duplicated and the process of natural selection started. Modern science however has documented the process by which every single living cell duplicates without exception. Even the cells of tardigrades which can live thirty years without food, live in volcanoes, and endure the vacuum of space must replicate the way every cell does.

For a cell to replicate, including the very first cell ever to exist, the replication process requires the presence of a suitable enzyme to activate the amino acid and transfer the RNA molecules to the new DNA that will become the duplicated cell. The enzyme that had to be present with the first cell is much more complex than the cell itself. An example would be saying that in the beginning a DVD disc was formed and duplicated itself with a DVD reader/duplicator while saying that the instructions to build the first DVD reader/duplicator was on the DVD disc that was created first. How do you read that first DVD Disc to get those instructions to build the DVD reader/duplicator equipment! Biologist admit the entire system had to be delivered or created simultaneously i.e. there was an intelligent design component to the cellular duplication system yet many refuse to call the intelligent designer God.

If you want to believe in Evolution without God then you may as well believe in Unicorns, Santa Clause and the Tooth Fairy because at least the latter are based more in reality than Evolution without God.



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